Build Your eMail List FAST with Signup Forms from ListX and NEVER Lose a Sale!  

The problem with most on page and autoresponder signup forms is that as soon as your potential customer clicks “Submit” or “Signup”, they go to a thank you page or somewhere else. 


What happens from there?  

They bounce in the blink of an eye – maybe forever! And that purchase they might have made at that moment when you have their attention? Gone, Baby, Gone! What you need is a piece of software that ensures that they STAY on your sales page – Right where you want them. ListX automatically takes the information from the form they fill out and sends it to your autoresponder (behind the scenes) and your customer stays on your Sales page to Buy! Buy! Buy! They’ll even get a message on the page telling them that they’re now a subscriber.

If you're selling any sort of product, it's common to put a standard autoresponder subscribe form on your sales page.  

Even if you have a popup signup form, it's still usually worth adding a standard subscribe form as well, so you can catch visitors who ignored your popup.  

In most cases, you'll put this standard signup form in the middle of your sales page.  

The problem is though that when visitors enter their details into the form, they are then sent to your "thanks for subscribing" page, leaving your sales page behind.  

Unless they press the Back button on their browser, they won't see your sales page again.  

You got a subscriber but at the expense of a sale. It's not an ideal trade-off!  

Ideally you'd like to let your visitors subscribe and let them carry on reading your sales letter.  

Our unique ListX tool allows you to do exactly that.  

With this software, as soon as a subscriber fills in your subscribe form, the details are submitted to your autoresponder as usual then the person's browser returns to the same point on your sales page, so that they can carry on reading.  

A little message even appears on the page to tell them that they have been subscribed and that their first email is on its way.  

The ListX tool is quick and easy to use and works with all autoresponders (as long as they allow you to set a "thanks for subscribing" page). 

Order now and your copy of this brand new software will cost you just $37

I think you'll agree that's an amazing price.  

But even though I'm offering this software at such a low price, I still want you to be 100% certain that it will really work for you.  

That's why the software comes with my cast iron 30-day, no risk, 100% money-back guarantee...

Your 100% No-Questions-Asked No-Risk Money-Back Guarantee!

We’re so sure you’ll love our software as much as all of our customers do, that we happily offer a 100% money back guarantee.  

You get a full 30 days to use the software and if at any time you decide that it doesn’t meet your needs – Simply send us an email requesting a refund and we’ll process it immediately!  

This is the best “Zero Risk” offer in our industry. Don’t wait, order now and get one entire month to try the software.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is ListX Right For Me?

ListX will benefit anyone who wants to improve his/her real-world application of digital and conversion marketing strategies and skills. It’s especially useful for Internet marketers, marketing consultants, information marketers, and anyone who wants to generate more leads, sales and repeat customers using clicks and ad tracking.

How Much Does ListX Cost?

ListX is currently at a special price of $37 but the price may go up without warning. The price includes the features listed above.

Is There A Refund Policy?

If you’re not satisfied with ListX, you can email us to request a full refund within 30 days. Users who follow along with the system are delighted with the app and are more successful in growing their online businesses.

What If I Have Questions Or Need Support?

You can always email us at the email address shown on your payment receipt.

Requirements: The script set up software is for use only on PCs running Microsoft Windows. Your website must support PHP and MySQL (most paid for web hosts support these as standard).  

Earnings Disclaimer: The results of using this software are dependent on many factors outside our control. We are not therefore able to give any guarantees about the level of income that you will attain by using this software.